Products + Hacks

Some of the best things in life are so simple. 

The same is true when it comes to day to day life- especially when you’re a mom, or just plain busy. 

I’m not the crunchiest mom you’ll ever meet. I’m also not the thriftiest. However, I love a good deal and I love things that make my day to day life easier. 

These are just a few products and DIY hacks I absolutely swear by that keep me, my family, and my home happy and presentable. 

DIY Home Freshener
: This little trick started as a homemade de-wrinkle spray my mom used when I was a teenager. I’ve carried it on to be a whole home refresher for cheap! (Which is totally necessary because: dog). Just put 1-2 unused dryer sheets into a spray bottle (I use an old febreeze bottle), add warm water, shake well, and spray. I’m currently using lavender dryer sheets. Oh. My. Goodness. So good. 

Vinegar water: So obvious, but I really do swear by it. Just mix a 50/50 water and distilled white vinegar solution in a spray bottle (which you can get anywhere for a dollar. Literally), and use it to clean pretty much anything*. It’s totally non toxic, so I especially love it for cleaning the highchair and toys. It’s great for pet or child stains on carpet, all surfaces of the bathroom, and I’ve also been known to spray it on a microfiber cloth for dusting, door handles, and even our counter tops. 

*Some surfaces should not be cleaned with vinegar. Granite and certain other natural stones should not be cleaned with vinegar, and I’ve read mixed reviews on wood floors. Always test in an inconspicuous spot if you’re unsure, and be sure to double check the best ways to clean your type of counter tops. 

Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleansing + Make Up Remover: I discovered this extremely inexpensive face wash when I was pregnant. I was looking for something that was safe to use during pregnancy, make my face feel clean without drying, wouldn’t cause me to break out, and didn’t break the bank. After some research, I figured this roughly $6 product was worth a shot. Um. Yes. It passed with flying colors. My skin has been the clearest it has ever been on this stuff (and is not even targeted at acne!), it really gets all my make up off, isn’t drying, and is so cheap. WORTH IT. 

IKEA Highchair: Random? Perhaps. But I really, really, really like this highchair. Years of nannying have proven to me that the fancier the high chair, the harder to clean and the bulkier to move. This highchair can cost anywhere from $15-25*. Tops. The legs pop on and off in less than 30 seconds making it awesome for travel or storing. It’s 100% waterproof so washing it is easy. Spaghetti night get out of hand? You can literally put it in the shower to rinse it off. Worried about dragging your highchair to the shower? No worries- it’s ridiculously light. I can carry it with ONE FINGER. Yep. I can carry my baby and my highchair at the same time, which comes in handy if I want to move it from the dining room to the kitchen while I’m cooking. No sweat. 

Side note: this is a FANTASTIC option for grandparents to buy and store for visits from their grandchildren! My mom is getting one for their new place. Just saying 😉 

*The chair itself starts at $15. The tray costs another $5. If you’d like an inflatable cushion surround for smaller babies, that’s another $5. 

SPLURGE! Woodwick Candles: Okay. If you’ve been to my house, you’ve likely seen one of these flickering in the background. We ask for them for every birthday and Christmas. They aren’t the cheapest candles out there, but you can typically find them on sale at places like JcPenney (especially if you have one of their $10 off $25 coupons). These candles fill my home with a strong, yet subtle fragrance that is to die for. They have a slight crackle sound that mimicks a crackling fire (cozy, right?!). They’re a worthy splurge for an extra level of coziness in your home. 

*None of the products listed are affiliate sponsors of my blog, and I do not get paid to promote them. I genuinely swear by these products! 

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