Mom Dates 

I’ve learned the hard way; when you become a mom, your social life is just… Different. There are so many things that now have to be put on the schedule: showering, eating, alone time, alone time with my husband, and play dates with other parents and their children, to name a few. 

I’ve recently added another priority-


This is not to be confused with play dates. Those are important, too. Sometimes any companionship with another adult and getting out of the house is just what we need; but this is different. 

No kids interrupting the conversation.  

No screaming, crying, diapers, or feeding. 

No censoring or talking in code. 

No rushing home as to not miss nap time. 

Ladies-it doesn’t have to be frequent; but my goodness- it is SO refreshing. 

Schedule a lunch and finish a whole meal in one sitting. Grab coffee that you don’t have to reheat 346 times a day. Perhaps even go to a movie with a rating higher than G or PG. 

No kids allowed. 

Don’t lose yourself in this parenting adventure, mama. Having children should enhance your former self, not replace her! You’re not alone. Take some time and enjoy the company of another mom who gets it. My guess is that she needs it as much as you do. ❤️


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  1. bjohnson0313

    I love this idea. As mothers, it’s so easy to lose yourself. I think a mom date is a great way to get way from it all and recharge. I’m definitely scheduling one.

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