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  • I’ve been writing this post for over a year.

    I’ve been writing this post for over a year.

    After lots of consideration and even more prayer, I’ve made the sad decision to walk away from The Modern Homemaker and leave it on a shelf. I cannot speak to whether or not it will be forever. I honestly have no idea. What I do know is that for the past year+ I’ve found myself […]

  • Budget Friendly Getaway

    Budget Friendly Getaway

    Disclaimer: I am not paid or endorsed by any of the websites I mention in this post. However, if you use any of the links below to sign up for AND book with them, we do get a credit on our accounts for the next time we travel (and on some of them, so do […]

  • Wild + One

    Wild + One

    All the sweet details of our wild little guy’s first birthday party. Looking for some inspiration for a girly first birthday party? I’ve totally been reminiscing on E’s first birthday. Check it out!

  • For My Son

    For My Son

    There’s something you should know… I always knew I’d have at least one little girl; when your sister was born, that desire was fulfilled and I thought I was ready for you. What I did not know, though, was that even after your sister rocked my world and made me a mom, you too would […]

  • Sweet Daughter

    Sweet Daughter

    Your eyes sparkle when you smile. Your nose wrinkles when you laugh, just like your mom. You are stubborn and steadfast and determined. You’re smart as whip and your memory is remarkable. You like to think that you’re wild (daddy says you’re as wild as a dodge caravan ☺️). You enjoy the sweet, simple things […]