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  • Fear


    **Before we dive in, I have to say this: postpartum anxiety (and anxiety in general) is very real and very common. Hormones are WILD and your mental health is so important. If at any point your anxiety feels beyond the realm of “normal”, inhibits you from doing and enjoying daily tasks, or feels unbearable— there…

  • The Tension of Motherhood

    The Tension of Motherhood

    Motherhood. It’s hard, it’s beautiful. It’s nothing like I imagined it would be, it’s everything and more than I hoped it would be; and yet- it leaves me feeling defeated regularly. In motherhood there is a constant tension. It’s knowing that there is so much I could be doing better- should be doing better. Countless…

  • Homeschool Q&A

    Homeschool Q&A

    I get a lot of questions about our homeschool journey, and if I’m being completely honest- I don’t really feel like a “pro” homeschooler, so I often hesitate to write about it. The way we homeschool is a bit atypical; but then again, just about every homeschool family does things a bit differently than another,…

  • The Modern Homemaker

    The Modern Homemaker

    home·mak·er/ˈhō(m)ˌmākər/Noun1. a person who spends their time looking after a home and doing housework rather than being employed outside the home (typically applied to a woman). Many years ago, I started this blog. Originally it was called “Lets Gab About It”, but after we purchased our first home, had our first baby, and had DIY…

  • GUEST POST: Hezekiah’s Birth Story

    GUEST POST: Hezekiah’s Birth Story

    Written by: Martin & Danielle Miranda First I’d like to start by sharing a little background information that will hopefully help you understand the full story. About halfway through my pregnancy, I made the decision to switch from an OB/hospital birth to a midwife/birthing center birth. I could go into detail as to why but…

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