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  • Walking in Wisdom and Conviction

    Walking in Wisdom and Conviction

    I’ve been thinking a lot about what parenting in a Christian household looks like in this current time in history. Early in my parenting journey, I figured I would mirror how my parents parented pretty closely; and for good reason. My siblings and I are all still walking with Jesus and I greatly attribute that…

  • Flying With Kids

    Flying With Kids

    “My hope is that by being prepared and knowing what to expect, that you can enjoy traveling with your kids as much as we do.”

  • Seasons


    “ will be year that we simply catch our breath. An exhale. A pause. A slow down before the loops and turns of the quickly coming teenage years.”

  • Theodore’s Birth Story

    Theodore’s Birth Story

    On Monday the 15th I went to a routine check up. The midwife checked me and determined I was almost 3cm dilated and did a sweep to nudge things along. That night I woke around 1:30am to signs that early labor was beginning. Contractions soon began and were notable and strong enough to keep me…

  • Airplane Mobile

    Airplane Mobile

    More apologies. I know, I know. I swear I’m going to start taking pictures of my projects WHILE I’m doing them. Probably. So THIS project was fun. It adds just the perfect amount of whim and handmade charm to the nursery; I find myself staring at it regularly as it twists and turns when I…

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