Five Signs You Live With A Toddler

Ellavie has quickly made the transition from “baby” to “toddler”, and I am 100% certain that this transition was made overnight. 

Life with a toddler is a messy life; but oh my word- it’s so much fun. More importantly (because, priorities), it’s comical. So obviously I had to write about it. 


Five Signs You Live With A Toddler

  1. If there is still toilet paper in your bathroom, it’s a re-wrapped version. As in, your toddler was there, but unraveled the toilet paper into a lovely mess. And you half hazardly tried to salvage it. 
  2. While walking through your home, feeling something crunch beneath your feet is a normal occurrence. You don’t even need to pause to wonder what you stepped on. Cheerios, obviously. 
  3. You know that Legos, and quite possibly mini army men, were invented by Satan himself. Enough said. 
  4. You have no idea where your television remote is. OR. You know exactly where it is, but it’s an extremely obscure spot. Luckily you typically know the four different spots they like to place them. Unless they throw you a curveball. That’s the worst. 
  5. “Clean house” is a more of an idea or figure of speech that lasts from the time your toddler goes to bed at night and ends when they wake up. You learn to live with it unapologetically.  

Thank you, toddlers. You keep life interesting! 

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