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  • To My Fellow Mothers.

    To My Fellow Mothers.

     I tried with all my might to stop the tears of sleep deprivation from flowing, but I could not. Perhaps I would have better luck had I tried to stop the raging waters of Niagra Falls from crashing into the lake below.   My dinner lay cold on the counter, awaiting the witching hour…

  • Wrong Worry

    Wrong Worry

    This was a turning point for me. I cut myself some slack and reflected on those first several weeks of being a mom of two. What I found in that time of reflection was major conviction.

  • Cereal is a liar. 

    Cereal is a liar. 

    If you’ve entered into parenthood (or are about to), you’ve likely received a lot of advice and tips that are helpful, but repetitive.  Enter: me. I’m here to tell you the random and odd things I’ve learned that may or may not have occurred to you.  Hopefully these thoughts will help you and make you…

  • Minimizing. 


    It’s almost spring! Time for some good ol’ spring cleaning.  Let me begin by being extremely honest: I admire minimalists. I have frequently found myself envying the beauty in such a simplistic and clean lifestyle. Bright, white, classy and wholesome. What a wonderful thing to aspire to!  Regardless of my appreciation for those whom thrive…

  • Postpartum Gift Basket

    Postpartum Gift Basket

    A friend of mine recently contacted me with a question about what items a new mom might appreciate after giving birth.  Her best friend was nearing her due date, and she wanted to put together a care package to bring with her when she visited the hospital.  First of all- can we just take a…

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