Toddler Room

Once it was time for little man to take over the nursery, our sweet girl got to graduate to her toddler room; so, we packed up our guest room, sold the furnishings, put some fresh paint on the walls, and created a special space for our big girl. *insert tears*

E is feisty but she has such a sense of wonder, girly-ness and sweetness about her; I hoped to capture those personality attributes in her room.

We were also able to include some very special pieces;

  • Her bed frame was hand carved over 80 years ago by her great, great grandfather. My grandmother, my mom, and I all had it at one point or another. The rest of her furniture was based around the bed.
  • Her kitchen was built by my grandfather for my mom and her siblings. It was passed down to my cousins, and eventually to my siblings and myself; I’ve since painted it and bought new hardware and it shines like new! Both of the kids can be found playing in this kitchen daily and it brings me so much joy!

A lot of her decor was upcycled from her nursery. We updated her canvas art to reflect her interest in Minnie and Daisy, her flag banner is from her first birthday party, and her oversized unicorn was a gift from an uncle; it’s perfect for making sure she doesn’t fall between the bed and the wall.

*The links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. All are items I have actually purchased.

Items and essentials that we purchased for her new room were: cozy pink sheets (seriously, they are SO soft!), a bow pillow, a round white rug, a toddler bed rail, and sheer white curtains from Target; a subtle Minnie Mouse comforter, Minnie and Daisy accent pillow cover (both from Amazon), a mesh canopy from Five below, silk peonies to use as curtain tie backs and ivy for the canopy from Michael’s, a small gray fur rug from IKEA for her reading nook, small crystal chandelier, and floral contact paper (Amazon) for her night stand to cover up some wear and tear. (My mom purchased an adorable Minnie Mouse piggy bank for her for Christmas as well- a perfect addition!)


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