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[DISCLAIMER] Most of this post is directed towards my mature ladies. If you don’t enjoy magazines such as Self, Redbook, or Woman’s Day (all great leisure reading!)… you won’t enjoy this. Read at your own risk 😉

I have a friend (you know who are!! 🙂 ) who sees me as her “go-to” girl. Sometimes I’m not sure I deserve the honor, but I’m happy to help when I can!  

She called me up a few days ago because a friend of hers is getting married in less than a month and wanted some advice on some… how did she say it…? … “Pre-wedding maintenance” (This is your chance to stop to reading if the topic no longer applies to you).

I happen to have a handful of friends that have gotten married in the last couple years that decided to undergo the same “maintenance” For the clueless out there, I’m talking about a brazilian and/or bikini wax.  My dear bride friends of the past, like any sane person, wanted to ease the pain by having a friend go with them and experience the wax as well. Naturally, I volunteered. 

What you need to know if this is something you’re considering now or ever:

A) It DOES hurt. Sorry.
B) If possible, schedule 2-3 waxes before your wedding, anniversary, vacation, etc. (It hurts less each time & you get less irritation) 
C) Be conscious that you do not schedule a wax the same week you have your period. ( I mean really… ew. Plus most places won’t do it)
D) The best time to go is during the week following your period- Your pain tolerance is much higher. YAY!
E) Take some pain reliever 1-2 hours before your appointment
F) If you already shave down there.. STOP and grow it out for 2-3 weeks. Short hair= extra painful. 

My Experience:

The two biggest fears I had (like most girls) were “How bad is this going to hurt?” and “How awkward and violating is this going to be?”  It turns out, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. The whole process takes 5-10 minutes total (Mine took approximately 7 each time).  And while I prepared to gasp every single time the hot wax is wiped on and ripped off ( I must admit, I screamed a few times), it does help to know that it will be over sooner than you think. I’ve done it more than twice.. so that should tell you that its not THAT bad. 

As for the awkwardness; these people are professionals and they do this all day, every day- on ladies of all shapes, sizes, and with all levels of personal hygiene. Don’t sweat it. Just do what they tell you to do and you’ll be out of there in no time.

Your wax should typically last 2-4 weeks and you can expect for regrowth to be thinner and more sparse. This is normal. Also, I have been told that if you bleed at all (tiny dots of blood- not to worry!) that its a GOOD thing because the hair in those spots will never grow back! (Don’t quote me on that though). 

So there you have it. Its a quick process, and one I would recommend if you prefer to be hairless for special upcoming events (with your HUSBANDS, please) 🙂 

Also- for readers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.. I would recommend The Refinery http://www.therefineryonline.com/ in Dinky Town. They have the best prices you could possibly find for waxing services (half of what most charge!), and thus far my bride friends and I have not had a negative experience. 

Enjoy the breeze! 😉


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  1. Sarah

    LOVE it!!! I’m actually going to try it for the first time in a few weeks. 😉 I’ll let you know how it goes.

    1. gabbagirl89

      I’d love to hear about it! It’s sort of like getting your ears pierced or a tattoo… SO much adrenaline! haha 🙂

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