I’m Engaged! Here’s the story..

So, I got engaged. Yep. I certainly did. I still can’t believe it, to be honest. Some of you haven’t heard the entire story… so isn’t it convenient that I have a blog?! I think so too 🙂

Our Engagement Story

I’m currently on a 2-week vacation to MN/WI from LA. Kind of backwards, I’m aware. Regardless, I was spending the first few days of my trip at DC’s parents house so I could see them as well as my friends in Minneapolis. My very best friend Chelsey was set on spending all day Tuesday with me because we haven’t seen each other since Christmas. She just got back from Haiti and wanted to get pedicures, originally. She conveniently changed it to manicures at the last minute because they were “Cheaper”.  After our manicures we were supposed to go to my old college to see some friends, but she had to stop at the airport to pick up her friend Tony (from her old college) and drop him off somewhere on the way to my old school.  When we got to the airport Tony texted her to say they landed but the tarmac wasn’t ready yet, so we should just park and wait inside because it may be a little while. So we did. During this time, she admitted to me that she might have a crush on her friend Tony. She even went to far as to say that she’s so nervous to see him that her heart is racing. She made me feel her heartbeat. My reaction? “Oh my gosh you DO totally like him! That’s a sign!” 

After waiting an entire hour (there were some plane delays) she said that he texted that he was coming so walked over to the escalator and the first thing I see is a poster board with my name on it. At that moment I knew the person holding it was NOT Tony. I froze.

The next poster said “I have…” (see video on my facebook page!) and the one after that said “A question for you..”.   He (DC) threw the posters to the side, walked up to me, knelt down, and popped the question. It was perfect. He THEN presented me with my DREAM ring. Literally the ring I’ve been drooling over but never thought I would actually own. But there it was. His friends were taking pictures and everything. Turns out Chelsey was lying about the crush 🙂 

Later, we had an engagement party at his parents house. A few of our friends were able come and celebrate along with his family. After some time, I turned around as MY parents walk through the door!  It made the night perfect. The icing on the cake!! We’re so excited! Thank you to all that made our engagement so special 🙂

Let the planning begin! 

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  1. Vanessa

    Awww, I love hearing the story from your perspective, so cute! Love ya Gab ❤

  2. Prevailing Believer

    Awesome, Gabrielle! What a fun story! Love it! Happy for you both! ❤

  3. DC

    yeah yeah yeaaaah you said yes 🙂

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