It has been a good long time since I last posted. It seems I’ve had my hands a little full between wedding planning, moving, and of course, getting a new puppy. Yep. We did that.

She’s cute, she’s soft, she has puppy breath, she’s playful, she’s silly… and yet I feel my home life has become nothing less than a scarier version of “Marley and Me”.

I’m a nanny, so I know what its like to care for a toddler. Let me tell you – puppies are far more work. Endless amounts of pee come out of this thing- and in the worst spots, no less.

She also likes to chew…well, anything. Particularly her puppy pads, which produces 100s of tiny pieces of cotton. 

Her favorite past time? Jumping at me when I’m petting her, just to bite my *right* boob (why not the left??) and my knee caps, for whatever strange reason.

She is deathly afraid of loud vehicles (i.e. motorcycles, trucks, and pimped-out junkers). Taking her for a walk is more like a half run, half drag her behind you as her paws scrape the sidewalk in protest. 

She will bolt back and forth across the room so that you CANNOT catch her once she figures out she’s going in her kennel for the night.

She jumps up (albeit, because she’s excited to see you) and scratches your legs like a terrified cat would. 


She LOVES to give kisses, and will lick your leg or flip flops relentlessly unless you distract her with something else.

She waits patiently, sitting- no less, by the “treat cabinet” when, on the rare occasion, she DOES go potty on her puppy pads.

She’ll pick up her rope and wait next you with it in her mouth until you agree to play with her.

She knows she’s not allowed on the bed, and will lay just her head or the fronts of her paws on the bed to push the rule (still not allowed, but adorable) 

When I tell her, “Daddy will be here soon!” she waits by the door, wagging her tail 100mph, eager for her favorite playmates arrival. 

Yes, she is a handful. But I am already certain that we adore her and that she will most definitely be the topic of many blogs to come. 🙂

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