Raw & Real

I know, I know. I promised a post about our house projects next- and those are still on the horizon! While we await the last touches on those projects, I’d like to show some appreciation for my husband. This past week two things happened. First, I went back to work. I technically had a four month maternity leave (if you count the two weeks I was still pregnant). Here’s the raw, real part. In general, there’s no way we could afford for me to do that on just one income. This is real life, people, and real life is just plain expensive sometimes.

The second item we celebrated this past week is the reason we could afford for me to stay home. 13 months ago or so, I had a week off of work. During that week, I noticed how dirty our apartment building was, and I complained about it to our property manager. After some thought, I asked if David and I could clean it for a discount on our rent. At the time, we didn’t need it. I was bored, and it seemed like a good idea. Our property managers agreed and we ended up getting half off of our rent for cleaning our building twice a week. Shortly after we started cleaning, I became pregnant with our daughter. David took over the cleaning for the duration of my pregnancy and maternity leave. We were able to put the money we saved toward our medical expenses, baby necessities, and even some of our house projects (!), all while allowing me to have a decent maternity leave. 

This past week, David cleaned that building for the last time as we transition into our new home. Thanks to his sacrifice (that he never complained about, despite also working 50 hour weeks), we were able to save thousands of dollars, and I was able to spend the first few months of my daughter’s life letting my body heal while giving that little girl my undivided attention. Here’s to you, David, and how hard you work to provide for your family. Thank you. We love you!! 

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  1. Marietta Johnson

    He is a keeper!

    1. gabbagirl89

      He truly is!

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