5 Minute No-Sew Baby Turban

Time to take a break from the house projects to talk about my other fave obsession- baby girl!! 

I’m pretty much obsessed with dressing and accessorizing Ellavie each day; however I keep running into one issue: most headbands leave  dents on her head. 

Now, I obviously can’t say for sure if it even bothers her, but I myself have known the pain of a headband headache one too many times. That being said- my FAVORITE headbands for her are the ones I made myself from old shirts. 

I love the soft elasticity and that I can control the tightness of the headband, resulting in (you guessed it) NO DENTS!! 

This is a tutorial of one of the easy, no-sew, versatile headbands I’ve made for Ellavie!  

Step 1

Go through your closet. I have so many cheap old shirts that I don’t wear anymore but have great patterns or unique solid colors. These are PERFECT for headband making!


Step 2

Lay out the shirt as flat as possible. Cut the shirt horizontally. 

Step 3

Cut again at your desired thickness for the headband. You could even do several different lengths for different looks! 


You will be left with a ring of fabric, like this:


Step 4

Take both sides of the ring and join them to form a bow, double knotting it  (I sometimes do it around my knee to make it easier).   

You will have to “mess” with the knot and the bow ears to get them to sit right and “look pretty”. You can simply undo the knots and re-tie it as your baby’s head grows! 



One last thing…

The first person to contact me (comment here, Facebook message, private message on Instagram, text, email…) will get a free turban made by yours truly!! 

Happy headband-making!! 😘

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  1. Suzanne

    Gabrielle, What a lovely blog!!! I am so happy to have come across this and I will share it with my friends.

    1. gabbagirl89

      Thank you so much, Suzanne! I’m thrilled you enjoyed it 🙂

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