¡Bachelorette Fiesta!

In honor of my best friend’s wedding, the bridesmaids and I threw her a bachelorette party to remember. We went with a Fiesta theme since she’s Puerto Rican 😉 

*disclaimer: while the party was relatively tame, some of the following images are suggestive and are not appropriate for all audiences. 

We started the evening at a delicious Mexican restaurant complete with a salsa bar and margaritas. 

Games played at restaurant: 

“South of the Border” (Panty drop game)

Each guest brings a panty for the bride and “drops their panties” into a sombrero. The bride must guess which guest brought each panty. 

The wedding party continued on to the sleepover part of the fiesta, but sleeping would not be on the agenda until after a few more games. 

What would a fiesta be without a piñata? …Filled with mini bottles of liquor and dove chocolates, of course.  

Sign above piñata reads: I’d Hit That. 

To keep with the theme of both bachelorette party and fiesta, we of course played “Pin The Churro on the Muchacho”, because, duh. 

Not pictured: variety of churro photos. Not sure I can ever again look at a churro with seriousness. 

Of course, we had to throw in a little irrelevant Mean Girls quote. 

Last but not least, dessert. Margarita cupcakes with a sassy yet somehow classy embellishment. 

And of course we needed a designated spot for photos…

Andddd more photos:


Photo and signs credit: Kelsey Bair 😘

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