I loathe you, 18 month sleep regression 

It’s true. It’s the worst one thus far. This toddler of mine is stubborn, full of relentless will, and out of nowhere started screaming tearfully through her nap time. 

A week has passed by and we’ve developed a system that works 50% of the time. We’ll take it. 

But then…

Without warning…

She wakes up, bawling with unprecedented might, four times during the night. 

They say sleep regressions can last anywhere from 2-6 weeks. 

“They” say it so casually in their baby sleep websites and articles. 

“They” say, “this too shall pass”.

I say, “I’d like to show you where to stick your #!@; six weeks prediction”. 

Mothers, fathers, nannies, daycare providers… I raise my coffee cup to you. I’m only a week in. I’m not sure we’ll survive another day of this sleep hell… But together, we will certainly try. 

If I don’t come out of this alive, or if I emerge without my sanity… 

Just know… 

It’s been real. 


A hopeful sleep regression survivor

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  1. Robyn Mederich

    Yeah…..parenting is fun, “they” said.

    Hang in there, mama!!

    1. gabbagirl89

      Hah!! Thanks 😉

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