Translation: Trying To Conceive and the Two Week Wait. 

These acronyms may be familiar terms in the community of couples trying to have a baby. 

Actively trying to make a baby (whether it happens quickly or takes awhile), is an emotional roller coaster that can quickly turn any woman into a crazy person. 

One day you’re going about your business, they next: you’re hyper-aware of your body and every “symptom” of pregnancy you most definitely, without question have. 

Below is the thought journey of trying to get pregnant… Can you relate? 

“Honey, I’m ready to start trying for a baby.”

“Oh my goodness! We’re really doing this! We’re going to have a baby!” (Or in our case, ANOTHER baby). 

“Where in my cycle am I? I should download a fertility calendar app.” 

“Hmm. According to this I’m not even fertile for another week. I better get a second opinion.”

-downloads three more apps-

I should ovulate next week. I’m going to relax and not do anything extra and let whatever happens happen.”

-deletes all apps-

“If my last period started on January 15th, and we get pregnant this month, I wonder what my due date would be…?”

-Google searches due date calculator-

“I should do some research to make sure I’m not accidentally doing anything that could prevent me from getting pregnant.”

-Finds multiple stories online of infertility, secondary infertility, etc-

“Wow some of these women have been trying for years! How do they do it? Ugh. I have to stop reading those.”

“I think I ovulated yesterday. I felt twinges.”

-re-downloads at least one fertility app-

“Was that a cramp? Probably implantation.”

“I have a headache. Is that a pregnancy symptom?”

“I’m so hungry. I forgot to eat breakfast… But it could just be because I’m probably pregnant.”

“New zit? Totally pregnant.”

“I smell something funny. I bet I have a heightened sense of smell because I’m pregnant.”

“If I ovulated eight days ago, is it too early to take a test?”

-Google how early you can take a pregnancy test-

-Google chances of a positive test at 8dpo-

(Dpo= days past ovulation) 

-Google most sensitive pregnancy tests-

-decide it’s too early to test-

-test anyway-

“Negative. Hmm. It’s just too early. I’ll keep testing every other day.”

“Three negatives.  Three days in a row. I’ll just wait for my period.”

-test at least one more time before period is due. Negative-

“Period is two days late… But I’m still getting negative tests….”

-Google chance of getting a late positive-

-continue to symptom spot-

“Well there’s my period.  I’m a crazy person.”

-count backwards 12-14 days to see when you actually ovulated-

-buy wondfos (google them- they’re great!!) for next month because regular tests will actually make you go broke-

Repeat all of the above until….

PREGNANT!! (Hopefully!) 

It’s a wild ride. Not going to lie about that. But it’s SO worth it. 
I’ve been blessed with a fairly short conception time both times I’ve become pregnant thus far, despite driving myself borderline insane; but for those that have had or are having a more difficult time, know that I’m praying for you as you endure every “TWW” that will lead to the greatest blessing, no matter how it comes to be. ❤️

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