Zipadeezip Quick Guide 

As promised, another quick reference guide! 

Just like in my last post, I have received questions from several fellow moms on this topic, and they happen to have all asked the SAME questions! 

Today’s topic- the Zipadeezip! 

*this is not an affiliate or sponsored post*

If you follow any of my social media accounts, you know I love the Zipadeezip. Both of my kids have used it and it’s probably my favorite baby item. If you’re considering buying one or are troubleshooting the transition, here’s everything you need to know. 

What is a Zipadeezip?

The Zipadeezip (we call it the Zippy), is a type of sleep sack. Designed to make the transition from swaddling easier, it can also be enjoyed for years to come! 

What sets it apart from other sleep sacks?

The unique design of the Zipadeezip gives slight resistance in the arms and legs, which gently calms the startle reflex. Unlike other sleep sacks, it can be worn in baby carriers and car seats/strollers. When a baby becomes more mobile, they can even walk around in their crib in it, which means you don’t have to transition them out of it. *use caution when allowing child to walk around house in it as there are no grips for slippery floors. 

Because the Zipadeezip is so versatile, it can be worn well beyond the first year. This is ideal for the children who start to see their sleep sack as a source of comfort. After the Zipadeezip, the toddler /child version, called The Flying Squirrel can be used as well. 

What a Zipadeezip is NOT:

While it’s a life saver for some, the Zipadeezip is not a miracle sleep-through-the-night product. Yes, it can help everyone get more rest. Yes, it might be what helps your child sleep through the night. But it’s not a miracle worker. Think of it more as a comfort for your baby that will contribute to ideal long term sleep goals. 

Great! How do I transition? 

This will vary baby to baby. Between 3-6 months, the startle reflex will start to subside, but will still be present. If your baby is consistently breaking out of the swaddle, starting to roll over, and is in this age range, you’re ready to start the transition! 

Despite calming the startle reflex, the Zipadeezip does provide a significant amount of freedom in comparison to a swaddle. To familiarize your baby with this newfound freedom, start by putting the Zipadeezip on your baby during the day. Use it when baby is fussy, nap times, and car rides. After a week or two of daytime use, transition into nights. After the transition, you may find that just showing your baby the Zipadeezip or letting them hold it brings instant comfort and calming, much like a favorite blanket. This is one of the many reasons I love it! 

Do I really need to start with a small? Won’t I get more use out of a medium?

Yes and yes.  To both questions. Unless you’re making the transition at 5-6+months with a taller baby, start with the small. It will make the transition so much easier! I actually recommend buying two to start. A small and a medium. The small will make the transition easier; and the medium will get plenty of use later on, but will also serve as a back up in case your small is the wash- because let’s face it; blowouts. 

As an added benefit, buying two right away will save you the cost of shipping. (Free domestic shipping over $50). 

I checked on my sleeping baby and the zipper is folding up over their face! Should I be concerned?! 

I’ve noticed that this sometimes happens when it’s new. Push the ripple down if you see it happen, but don’t panic. The Zipadeezip is a tested and safe product! Don’t be shy about washing it frequently in the beginning as it will help the zipper relax quicker. In my experience, it stops happening pretty quickly. 

How should I dress baby in the Zipadeezip? 

This partly depends on your baby’s tendencies to be either hot or cold, and the temperature you keep your home- but we typically do regular pajamas during the winter, and just a diaper or a onesie during the summer. No complaints from the kids so far. 😉 

Any other questions? Comment or email me and I will add your question and my answer to this post. 

Happy sleeping!! 

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