Sweet Daughter

Sweet Daughter

Your eyes sparkle when you smile.

Your nose wrinkles when you laugh, just like your mom.

You are stubborn and steadfast and determined.

You’re smart as whip and your memory is remarkable.

You like to think that you’re wild (daddy says you’re as wild as a dodge caravan ☺️).

You enjoy the sweet, simple things in life-

Reading for hours, coloring, sorting, and stretching your imagination as far as imaginations can stretch.

You’re a homebody with a spirit of contentment.

I admire you in this.

Your giggle is contagious.

Your hugs are gentle and sweet.

We never have to ask you twice if you’d like to cuddle.

Yes… always yes.

You don’t know it yet, but you already affect lives for the better.

You make friends everywhere we go.

I’ve witnessed your silliness brighten a stranger’s day.

You just might change the world-

In just three years time, you’ve certainly changed mine.

Happiest of birthdays, to you-

Sweet daughter.

Sweet DaughterSweet DaughterPhotography: Sarah Blesener

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