For My Son

There’s something you should know…

I always knew I’d have at least one little girl; when your sister was born, that desire was fulfilled and I thought I was ready for you.

What I did not know, though, was that even after your sister rocked my world and made me a mom, you too would change me forever.

I didn’t know that there were spaces in my heart that were left untouched- reserved especially for you.

I didn’t know you’d wrap me around your little baby fingers, and that the immense love I have for your sister would be so different than the immense love I have for you; a unique love, for each of your unique selves.

I didn’t know you’d be wild and fearless, or that those qualities could simultaneous bring me so much anxiety and so much joy.

I didn’t know you’d have a heart of overwhelming sweetness, offering cuddles and kisses abundant.

I didn’t know your sense of humor would be present so early, or that your silly grin would bring me tears of raw joy.

Thank you for making me a boy-mom, my sweet, wild, “baby bear”; I love you endlessly.

happy 1st birthday 🎈

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