The “P” Word…

Stumped on what the P word is? It’s dangerous. Scary, even. It could be the demise of a uniformed wedding. Okay fine. I’m going to say it. Pinterest. 

If you’re an addict like me, you know what I’m talking about. There is one particular pin I’ve come across that seems to sum up what the danger comes down to whilst on Pinterest, especially when planning for a wedding, etc. See link… 

The danger is that as I continue to pin wedding ideas like a madman.. I’ve come to the horribly sad realization that I can’t even come close to using every idea I see, at the risk of having our wedding look like the comics in a sunday morning paper. 

I was discussing this dilemma of overwhelming ideas last night while Skyping with a friend that got married right before the explosion of Pinterest-mania. She said that she is both relieved and disappointed that she didn’t have the resource before her own wedding.

The question is this: Is the luxury of endless ideas more helpful… or more stressful when it comes down to actually planning something? (not just weddings!) Please post your opinions 🙂 

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  1. Calvin Kleckner

    Our recent experience says more stressful. You end up with more ideas than even feasible to incorporate into one wedding. The more you try to do, the more you’ll spend your wedding day worrying about how all the ideas will work out vs. actually being able to enjoy the entire day.

  2. Marietta Johnson

    I think that having too much information is a hindrance. It reminds me of the cereal aisle in the store. Ultimately, I ignore the majority of what is there and go for what I truly know that I like. Just a suggestion from a recent step-mother of the bride. Go for low-key class. Spend your money on what is the most important to you and then enjoy the day, each and every moment of it. That is what our daughter did and she is still thrilled almost two years later. (Marietta Johnson)

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