Sinks and Keys

Ahhhh the excitement and high of being engaged! Sounds like a few months of bliss, right? Well… it is for the most part so far. But to all the single girls… life continues as usual. I know. Dreams. Shattered. 🙂

Bad things happen… as usual. What do I mean? Well for one.. I think my sink is broken. I was washing dishes, minding my own business, when half way through I realized I was standing in a puddle. Something was apparently wrong with the pipes. Of course. Not to worry, the dogs licked a little up before I soaked a beach towel and a roll of paper towel to wipe it up. 

Also, my handsome fiance (love you babe!) dropped the key to my apartment building down the elevator shaft. The cost to retrieve it? $300!! No bueno. Life without the key? Tricky. I have to stomp on the sensor to open the gate, which would be doable if it was working this week. Awesome. (You do not even want to know the unspeakable ninja-worthy things I have to do to get into my apartment…) (…okay, I’m being dramatic. But its not easy). 

Then we have the ever-so-pleasant invention of community laundry rooms. There are two washers and two dryers per floor in a fairly respectably sized condo building. I have been home just over a week, and was first able to do laundry today. And its not JUST because I usually procrastinate it, as it is my least favorite chore. Hint, hint… future hubby. 😉

Whew. So there it is. I’m not complaining, I’m just gaining perspective. These are just a few of the ridiculous things that have happened since I returned from my wonderful engagement vacation, and I find that I can laugh. Life is good! 

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