Registry Rage

Rage is a bit of a stretch.. but only a bit. I’m curious as to how many other of my fellow engaged or married couples can relate to this scenario: (Sorry babe, our disagreement is out for the entire world to see… LOVE YOU!!) 🙂

ME: (reading off the registry suggestion checklist) Knives?

HIM: Check.

ME: Do we need an ice cream maker? 

HIM: Nah.

ME: Garlic Press? I’d rather chop the garlic with those expensive knives. We would never use it.

HIM: I want one.

ME: ….Do you even know what it is? We don’t need it!

HIM: I might. I’m registering for it…

ME: ****…… (Let’s just say it didn’t end pretty)

What have we learned from this scenario? The wedding registry is the true pre-marital counseling, not to discredit actual pre-marital counseling. If we can stand up to THIS (with our wildly opposite tastes and preferences…), we can stand up to anything!

P.S. If you’re wondering how the fight ended… I made him remove the garlic press from the registry. (Insert victorious laugh here) But little does he know (until now) that I re-added it. (Awwwwww) 🙂 He better flippin’ use that thing.

ALSO!! As a side note: We got our proposal pictures today! 

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  1. Marietta Johnson

    Ah, yes! I admire that you are registering together. 21 years ago, I found it overwhelming and would never had let him near a registry…but I would have let him register alone at Fleet Farm:)

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