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Unique Minimalist Watches For Spring (+ 5 Ways To Show Appreciation)

Spring is in the air; the snow is melting, people are emerging from behind their puffy parkas, and a sense of newness fills our hearts and minds as the days get longer and flowers begin to bloom. As the fog of winter lifts, I find myself feeling excited for new and exciting things to come and grateful for the people in my life. Particularly, I feel grateful for my husband. For the past year and a half, this man of mine has worked an especially hard role at his job. He has been working a 9:00pm-9:00am shift, barely sleeping, and then he turns around and still rocks at being an awesome father to our children, and *BONUS*, lets me sleep in on his days off. Jackpot? I sure think so. It only stands to reason, then, that all of that hard work and sacrifice cannot go unnoticed. Here are 5 ways I’m showing him I appreciate him this spring:

  1. Tell Him: It’s simple, really. Words mean a lot. I tell my husband frequently, and especially when he’s extra tired, that I appreciate all that he does to provide for our family so that I can stay home with the children. “Thank you” goes a long way. Tell the people you love that you appreciate them. You won’t regret it.
  2. Carry The Weight For Him: Another way I show my appreciation is by doing some of the things he normally does. I don’t know about you, but in our household we split a lot of the household work. It’s not exactly set in stone, but we have naturally settled into a routine of who does what; his “duties” typically include prepping coffee for the next morning and taking out the trash. Sometimes I do these things; not because I have to; not just because I can; but because I know that it lightens his load.
  3. Care For Him: Taking care of two crazy kids can eat up a lot of my time and energy, especially during the frigid Minnesota winter when it’s a lot of work to get out of the house. Even so, I try to make sure all of his needs are met. Has he had an opportunity to go for a run (something that is important to him)? Does he have a lunch made for work? Is he getting to sleep on time? Assuring these things happen for him means a lot to him, and shows how much I appreciate him.
  4. Get Away With Him: This one tends to go both ways; he makes sure I get a break from the weight of motherhood, and I make sure he gets a break in general. But on the flip side of that, it’s important that we take a break together, too. Who says only men get to plan dates? I often show my appreciate by calling the baby sitter and arranging an evening where we’re able to just be with each other and relax.
  5. Show Him: This one is my favorite. We both love to give each other gifts; I suppose you could say it’s one of our love languages. I had the opportunity to work with Jord Watches to gift him with a classy and unique timepiece for this spring. My husband appreciates attention to detail, and I know how much he loves a great watch. His style is very classic and minimalist, so the Jord Hyde Watch watch was the perfect gift to show him my appreciation. It came in a gorgeous solid wood box with a drawer to store the extra links and cleaning cloths. It also came with finishing oil to keep it looking pristine; it is wood, after all. My husband is thrilled to add such a unique and classic minimalist watch to his wardrobe; it’s exactly the right touch to round out his minimalist spring look.

Want to know what makes giving this gift to my husband even better? Getting to show my appreciation to YOU, too! I’ve teamed up with JORD Watches for a $100 credit giveaway! This giveaway runs until April 8th, so don’t waste any time. If you aren’t the incredibly lucky winner, fret not. At the end of the giveaway, everyone who enters will receive a coupon code for 10% off a watch of their choice. Lucky you 😉

Jord carries both men’s and women’s watches that will be the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe or a thoughtful gift for someone you love.

CLICK HERE to enter the giveaway to win $100 toward your next great minimalist wood watch.
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JORD Minimalist Wood WatchJORD Minimalist Wood WatchJORD Hyde WatchJORD Hyde WatchJORD Hyde WatchJORD Hyde WatchJORD Hyde WatchJORD Hyde Watch

Luxury Wooden Watch

Airplane Mobile

More apologies. I know, I know. I swear I’m going to start taking pictures of my projects WHILE I’m doing them. Probably.

So THIS project was fun. It adds just the perfect amount of whim and handmade charm to the nursery; I find myself staring at it regularly as it twists and turns when I rock my sweet boy late at night.

What you’ll need:

  • Card stock, poster board, or another type of sturdy paper
  • Metal or wood hoop (mine is 10″)
  • String and/or thread and needle
  • Metal hook (to twist into ceiling)
  • Template of whatever you’d like to suspend from your hoop.

How to:

  1. First you’ll need a template. I used THIS one I found on Pinterest to make a very basic 3D airplane.
  2. Trace and cut out your shapes from your paper.
  3. If your paper is not the color you’d like it to be, go ahead and paint or color it to what you’d like. I used gold sharpie for a handmade scribbled look. I liked the texture and handmade feel it gave it! (And it went well with the canvas art I made).
  4. Attach string to your ring to suspend it from the ceiling. I used two approximately 24″ strands tied on each end and balanced in the center.
  5. Thread string through your paper shapes and suspend from your ring. Use varied lengths.
  6. Hang your mobile!

Now, I may not have taken step by step photos but I did take some closer shots so you can hopefully grasp the details. I’m always available for questions, but I have to be honest: the beauty of creativity is not always knowing exactly what you’re doing! 🙂 (or maybe that’s just me- haha!)

Holiday Gift Guide


Yay for the holidays!! At my house, we go all out. We decorate for fall in September and then on Black Friday, out come the Christmas decorations. We just might put the Griswalds to shame. It’s embarrassing, really; and yet so much fun. 

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is to find just the right gifts for those on my list. It can’t be an afterthought, though. Gifts should be as unique and special as the people we want to bless. 

I’m excited to feature five extra special small businesses that you have to check out for your holiday shopping. Each is unique and inspiring; I challenge you to mix it up this year and support small businesses. Here are their stories and links to their shops: 

*disclaimer: this is not an affiliate post and I am not paid to endorse these businesses. I genuinely believe in them and their products!* 

1. Choose Joy

Chunky scarves, shawls and open front ponchos are all ridiculously popular this season, and this gift option gives you all of that and more. Choose Joy sells the most adorable and cozy blanket scarves, like, ever. They have a lot of pattern options to choose from, so you can pick just the right look for your mom, best friend, girlfriend, or wife! The shop also offers a how-to page, so you can take full advantage of the variety that this gift gives. 

“I decided to start my own store because I LOVE crafting! After I made my first blanket scarf, my husband said, “you could totally sell those!” So we went to work putting together my online store, and I began to learn the business side of things. I absolutely love being able to make these and bless others with the final product. They are cozy and cute, and there are so many patterns to pick from. I named my store Choose Joy because that is one of my favorite life sayings.. So many things we aren’t able to control, but we can control our joy. So… Choose joy always!”

  Click here to shop Choose Joy. You’ll get free shipping if you order three or more blanket scarves!

2. Eden Accessories

These accessories are perfect for the trendiest baby girl around. Whether for your own baby, niece or granddaughter, you can rest assured that you’ll be giving a unique and stylish gift that is sure to get plenty of use! Eden Accessories is offering 10% off your purchase with code: blog10

“We carry baby trendy accessories including bows, pacifier clips, headbands and gift packages! 20% of all purchases goes towards supporting missionaries.”

 Click here to shop

3. MiniWinks

MiniWinks makes unique BEAUTIFUL baby mobiles, in addition to the sweetest headbands, headband holders, and handmade signs. These make the perfect gifts for the little ones in your life, or for your favorite mama and dada to-be as they prep their nursery! 

“I love making personal pieces for my kids’ nursery and I have made both mobiles. I decided to start making mobiles (and other decor) for others as a hobby. I am a momma of 2, Occupational Therapist, and Children’s Director at my church. In all the hustle and bustle of life, I enjoy crafting, designing, and sewing in the evenings when my babies are asleep.”

Click Here to shop. MiniWinks is offering 10% off from now until Christmas Eve (use code ModHome10) and 20% off on Black Friday (use code ModHomeBF) for my readers! Christmas orders must be in by December 13th to be completed and shipped in time.

4. Snug as a Bug Rice Bags

These rice bags are amazing. I bought a lavender infused rice bag from this shop for my sister when she was pregnant to help ease her discomfort, and she used it A LOT. They can be used hot or cold and since she infuses them with essential oils, they smell spectacular. There are SO MANY options for patterns and oils, which makes this a PERFECT option for the person on your list that has everything. (And maybe one for yourself, too!) 

“The inspiration for my little business started when I decided to make rice bags as Christmas gifts. They were a hit! With the essential oils infused into the rice and a removable and washable bag cover, I got a lot of compliments. That’s when I wondered if others would be interested in purchasing them and it blew up last Christmas. I then had requests for rice eye masks which are now also avaliable. Product pictures and fabric options can be viewed on my Facebook page. Just private message me for questions or to order!


5. Doors By Ty

Do you love rustic barnwood furniture and accents in your home? Do you gaze longingly at Pinterest pictures wishing you could find something like that for your home? Me too. Doors By Ty has built dozens of gorgeous custom pieces for their customers, and can do the same for you. This is the perfect gift for your friends who just bought a house (new house number sign? Wine holder? New headboard?), or a lovely surprise for your spouse as you decorate your home together. Projects can be big or small to accommodate any budget. You dream it, they build it. The sky is the limit! Bonus: they are offering 10% off for all new customers! 

“Doors by Ty, LLC provides custom woodworking and craftsmanship all at an affordable price! From farm-style doors and tables to headboards, we can make your vision become a reality! Small furniture items and large furniture items alike, we will come out and do a free on-site quote for you and talk through style and color options to get a full understanding of your wants and needs! Find us online at” 



Thank you for supporting small businesses. I pray that that your holiday shopping blesses both the shop owners and everyone on your Christmas list! Giving is the BEST. Happy shopping, everyone!